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Writing Service Unique Features

Chat Directly With Writer

With our system, you can live chat directly with the writer assigned to your project if he or she is online. We understand that quality papers can only be produced where both the writer and the client collaborate effortlessly. This feature is extremely helpful where you may want the writer at study daddy to discuss in person some of the concepts or calculations discussed in your paper. This system is very powerful because there is no lag time from either end. With such real-time conversations, the process of consultation is eased, saving you and the writer time for other stuffs.

Secure Money Wallet

We at have a secure wallet to hold your money, which you can use immediately or at a later date to place orders. Money in your profile is very safe and the e-Wallet is like a shark guarding your money. Apart from using this money to place orders, a client can place a withdrawal request and the money will be transferred back to your online back like the PayPal.With your secured wallet, you can load as much money as you want, let say at the beginning of your semester, and use the money to book papers for your whole session hassle free!

Money Reserved

This is another exciting feature that holds an amount of money reserved for a particular order. This means that instead of paying for the completed paper directly here from your wallet, you pay the writer only from the reserve amount that you placed for that order. This means that your wallet is safe and no extra money can be moved to pay your writer. The reserved amount also serves as an assurance to the writer that you as the client if ready to pay once your order is completed based on your specifications. In short, the reserved amount feature is like an escrow system from which money is disbursed to the writer only after you approve the final product they deliver.

Order Preview

Our order preview feature enables you to request the writer to provide drafts of the work in progress and preview them online without having to download any documents. This helps you to anticipate what your final product will look like and request for any changes where necessary.

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