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The Most Common Dissertation Writing Mistakes

Perhaps, after reading about these controversial points, you will not make similar mistakes in the future, therefore, you will be able to save some time in order to be able to have a good rest or to seriously prepare for the defense of your dissertation. Also, you may be interested in paytowritepaper article on the topic: "How to write a dissertation in jurisprudence?" Especially for you, we have compiled a list of mistakes that applicants for various scientific titles quite often make.


This issue should be taken with all the attention, since each university has its own regulation on this matter, and you must adhere to it. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with various regulations. If you do not comply with the registration rules, then you will not be allowed to defend.

The volume of the dissertation and the correct selection of literature

Speaking about the volume of the dissertation, it is worth noting that in this case it directly depends on the volume of sources that you have managed to study. Accordingly, the thicker the work, the more different books, articles, etc. you have looked through. Only new, fresh materials should be indicated in the bibliographic list. A common mistake is the case when a researcher uses outdated monographs or textbooks on the subject he is sanctifying, although this should not be the case at all.

Quality and precision

A typical shortcoming is the use of unverified materials that are absolutely not confirmed in any way.

Topic selection

Often, the wrong choice of topic can put the author of the work in a difficult situation. To prevent this from happening, you need to choose exactly the topic that will be close and understandable to you.

Failure to meet deadlines

Despite the fact that three or four years are given to write a dissertation, not everyone fits into this time period. Some people just don't know how to properly organize their work. Others do not have time to do it for personal reasons: house, extra work, small children, etc. Do not think that you have too much time left. After all, this is not so at all. It is better to do small and portioned, but every day, than literally over the past few months in a hurry.

Wrong form of work

Such a problem can arise if you do not know exactly how a certain type of dissertation work is drawn up. By the way, there are only three forms of this scientific work: a manuscript, a monograph or a scientific report.

There is no organization of work

Quite often, dissertators do not hand in their dissertations on time, because cannot properly distribute their forces. This often leads to serious problems. The dissertation student is in a nervous state, does not have time to do anything, is overworked all the time and does not sleep at night. There is clearly nothing good in this. To prevent this from happening, you need to observe the regime of work and rest.

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