WATER - The Elixir of Life

Sufficient water intake plays a large role in the loss of body fat. Think of water as liquid health… it’s the healthiest thing you can consume!

We often overlook the simple solutions in life and drinking water is one of those

simple solutions for good health and

weight loss.

You should drink eight glasses of water per day if you are not a diabetic.

Here are some interesting facts about water:

· It helps suppress your appetite naturally and many overweight people mistake thirst for


· Water retention is not a cause of obesity, although many women retain water prior to

menstruation. The reduction of the intake of salt and sometimes the medically supervised

use of a mild diuretic can assist in these circumstances.

· Overweight people generally need more water than slender people as they perspire more.

· Most people do not drink sufficient water which results in the body finding water from

internal sources such as the large bowel and this causes constipation.

· Our bodies need water to lubricate all our joints and our eyes, to moisturize our skin, to

eliminate toxic wastes, to prevent constipation, to transport nutrients around our bodies and

to support the central nervous system which in turn reduces stress.

· Our brains cannot function properly without adequate water.

· The short-term effects of dehydration include nausea, fatigue, lethargy, headaches and

fainting. Even milk dehydration can slow your metabolism down by 3%.

· We do not only need water when we are thirsty. In fact, thirst is one of the signals that our

bodies are dangerously low on water.

Try this to help with your water consumption:

- Carry a bottle of water in your car and take a sip at each traffic light.

- Keep water in the fridge and remove other drinks.

- Get into the habit of drinking two glasses when you get up, two at lunch and two at supper

time. Put a jug of water on the table at each meal time.

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