Five Hour Breaks

It is very important that you consume three balanced meals per day. Skipping meals or not eating enough of the right foods slows down your metabolism and can make it even more difficult to lose weight.

One of SureSlim’s fundamental concepts is leaving a break of five hours between meals.

For example, if you finish breakfast at 8am you need to wait until at least 1pm to have lunch.

You should finish your last meal at least two hours before going to bed. It is also important that you finish your meal within one hour of starting.

The best way to describe the benefits of the five hour break in 3 stages:

In the first hour after eating (stage 1), the blood sugar rises and insulin is released.

This encourages the storage of excess carbohydrates and fat. After the second hour (stage 2), growth hormone is released which starts breaking down body fat and the blood sugar and insulin levels start to fall.

Around the fourth hour after eating (stage 3 or fasting stage), growth hormone levels are high whilst the insulin almost disappears.

Eating or drinking anything other than water between meals prevents the release of the growth hormone.

Your Quick Loss Programme does however allow black tea or coffee as well as herbal teas as the amount of insulin released will be minimal.

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