Understanding your health better

Four o’clock in the afternoon is a notorious craving time. As the workday comes to an end, many of us scramble down to the corridor to operate the vending machine. So just what exactly are these cravings and can we do something about them?

Cravings can be caused by numerous factors, including stress, psychological and physical dependencies, mineral deficiencies and blood sugar irregularities.

The first step to alleviate cravings is to avoid the ‘drug’ foods that can cause the cravings such as highly processed foods like pastries, sugary foods and high carbohydrate foods such as pasta and breads.

Cravings can also be due to blood sugar levels dropping. When blood sugar levels drop your brain sends signals to your body indicating that you need sugar and that you need it fast, hence the craving.

This can often leave you feeling irritable and tired. The SureSlim Program is designed to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of this occurring.

To avoid cravings: