Do you miss that glass of wine or cold beer at the end of the day? Well, read on and learn why encourages you to eliminate alcohol whilst on your Eating Plan.

The consumption of alcohol increases the release of insulin, which in turn increases our appetite. Alcohol weakens restraint and heightens the sensation of hunger as it anaesthetizes your taste buds making your food less satisfying.

This influences you to eat more than you usually would. In addition, alcohol is high in calories and removes the self-control required to tolerate hunger.

Research has indicated that the consumption of alcohol can slow your fat metabolism down by up to 30%. Alcohol is also a diuretic and can cause you to become dehydrated. This influences your metabolism by slowing it down even further.

Certain alcoholic beverages such as beer also raise levels of cortisol. This hormone increases the rate that fat is stored in the abdominal region.

· Drink mineral water or chosen soft drink from a wine or beer glass to help you feel that you

are not missing out on socializing.

· Remember that alcohol is a sure fire way to sabotage your Eating Plan and that by

abstaining you will reach your goal weight that much sooner.

However, should you feel compelled to have a drink:

· Always have a mouthful of protein before sipping your drink. Never drink on an empty


· Ensure that if you do have a glass of alcohol you follow it with plenty of water to aid a quick


· Always consume alcohol during the one hour period in which you consume your meal.

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