How Does The Process Work?

At SureSlim we know that weight gain and loss is influenced by a combination of factors:

Genetic &



Emotional &


Overeating &

Food Preferences

Lifestyle &


We examine all these factors and provide you with a personalised eating plan and a set of guidelines that will speed up your metabolism by balancing three hormones : Serotonin, Insulin and Human Growth Hormone.

Can SureSlim assist if I
have a medical condition?


SureSlim works because it is designed just for you

SureSlim's success is based on a scientific and personalised approach to wellness and weight loss, supported by extensive medical research including nutrition, metabolic processes and hormone regulation.

Simply put, SureSlim corrects your metabolism so you lose weight quickly and are able to keep it off thereafter.

Of course, every client is different. That means not just tailoring a program for your metabolism but also for any medical condition that might otherwise complicate a weight loss plan.  That’s why our medically founded approach to weight loss includes problems that are caused or aggravated by being overweight such as:


We send you for blood tests first to assess glucose, cholesterol, thyroid, kidney, liver function and chemistry functions.


To identify any pre-existing medical conditions within the body that may be affected by food e.g diabetes, high cholesterol and gout.

To ensure that there is no pre-existing condition that may affect your weight loss or may be contributing to the problem e.g thyroid malfunction.

The blood tests can be done at any pathologist and then emailed to us. Many medical aids cover these kinds of tests.

More than 49% of all SureSlim clients have two or more abnormalities in their blood


Your wellness journey then begins with your Eating Plan.

This is where our support structure and coaching play a tremendous role in your weight loss journey.

The first week on your Eating Plan may be tough but from the second week you will feel on top of the world! Expect your cravings for sugar and salty snacks to stop.


Your sleep pattern will improve and you will wake up energized and ready to face each day. Your mood and energy levels will soar.


Once you have achieved your goal weight you will move onto the last phase of your journey which is learning how to maintain it.


This is also a very important phase as we teach you how to stay at your goal weight.

The Lifestyle Plan is designed to help you to re-introduce certain foods back into your daily eating plan that were excluded on your weight loss journey.